27 Years Of Skin Transformation

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To help celebrate 27 years of Crystal Clear, I wanted to put together some of our best-selling professional products and also give you an insight into some of our heritage.

The very first treatment system we introduced at Crystal Clear was Microdermabrasion. 27 years later, this process is one of the leading skin resurfacing treatments available on the skincare market. Throughout the years, I have spoken across many articles about the importance of regular exfoliation, hydration and skin stimulation to keep your skin looking fresh and younger looking.

Below, I have selected an amazing set of full-size products that will provide you with all you need for your very own mini microdermabrasion, hydration, and stimulation treatment at home.

Our sonic Microdermabrasion & Hydration brush offers salon-style treatment in minutes – all from the comfort of your home. Skin is left super cleansed, exfoliated, and visibly hydrated, with the vibration effect stimulating the skin through micro circulation leaving it looking alive and visibly glowing.

All of this at home – in minutes.

I have also included our latest dermal fusion hydrating and treatment-based mist, to be used as a spritz both after treatment and during the day to keep your skin looking at its best.

I promise that you’ll be addicted to the instant glow and how dewy and fresh your skin looks even after the first treatment ritual.

What it is: 

Suitable for all skin types, our Microdermabrasion & Hydration salon treatment at home set offers super-cleansed, exfoliated and visibly hydrated skin at home in minutes. The rechargeable, water-resistant SONIC2 Microdermabrasion brush has three levels of power.

Utilising specially designed silicone bristles which move back and forth at ultra-sonic speeds of around 9000 revs a minute, skin is left deep-cleansed and without the harsh friction and irritation caused by traditional bristles. The advanced ultrasonic technology offers a totally new way to unclog pores for the best cleanse of your life – providing squeaky clean, exfoliated, hydrated, and vibrant-looking skin.

Our microdermabrasion style polish removes dead skin cells that make skin look dull, leaving it ready for applying the skin repair moisturiser – improving your skin’s hydration factor.

The treatment’s vibration has the added benefit of pulsing the product into the skin whilst simultaneously stimulating your skin, ensuring a fresh, wide awake glow.

The sonic stimulation allows the product to hydrate so much more efficiently than simply applying the moisturiser with your hands.


Salon Style Instant Glow.

Step 1:

Super cleanse your skin with our SONIC2 brush.

  • Simply wet the brush, add the cleansing gel and press the button 3 times for maximum power. Each element of the ritual is timed for one minute.
  • Apply a damp brush with cleansing gel onto the face and using a circular motion, apply the brush all over the face and neck for a refreshing super cleanse.
  • After one minute, rinse your face with water and rinse your brush.

Step 2:

Start your salon style Microdermabrasion to remove dead skin cells, refine pores, and leave your skin with an immediate glow – improving the absorption of your favourite skincare products.

  • Wet the sonic brush and squeeze a small amount of Oxygen Face Polish onto a damp brush.
  • Press the button 3 times for maximum power, applying circular movements all over the face.
  • Once the timer has switched off after one minute, rinse your face with warm water and dry, before washing and drying your brush.

Step 3: 

  • Pop a small amount of our clinically proven Skin Repair Moisturiser onto the brush head and press the button 3 times for maximum power. Apply to dry skin using upwards and outwards movements onto the face as well as your neck. The timer will automatically turn off after one minute.

Step 4: 

  • Mist the dermal fusion over your face and neck to lock in moisture and provide the skin with the hydrating benefits of the dermal spritz.

My Pro tip:

  • Follow this ritual daily for the first seven days for the maximum effect before dropping down to completing the entire ritual once a week.

Cleanse daily and apply your Skin Repair Moisturiser with your brush for a wonderful lifting and firming effect – also hydrating and super cleansing your skin. Ensure you apply the dermal spritz daily with your Dermal Fusion.

Kit Includes:

  • Rechargeable SONIC2 Brush
  • 200ml Deep Cleanse Gel – Vitamin & Mineral Packed soap free Soothing Cleansing Wash.
  • 60ml Skin Repair Moisturiser – providing maximum hydration and clinically proven to achieve hydrated, firmer looking skin. Lightweight formula is perfect for all skin types.
  • 100ml Oxygen Face Polish – oxygenate & resurface your skin.
  • 30ml Dermal fusion Spray Mist – simply spray throughout the day for instant hydration and a cooling hit while actively treating the skin. Dermal fusion offers an instant hydration hit, as well as an effective skin treatment while you sleep.

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