5 Tips to Spring Clean Your Skin

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With the change of seasons comes the time-honoured tradition of spring cleaning. As you go through your closets and drawers, don’t forget about your skin! Just like the rest of your house needs a good clean, so does your skin.

Here are five tips to make sure you give your skin its due attention this spring.

1. Get rid of old makeup

When was the last time you changed out your foundation? Or mascara? Just like with everything else in life, makeup has an expiration date.

We suggest replacing any items that are over 6 months old and throwing away anything that is past its expiration date.

Not only will this help keep bacteria from building up on your skin, but it will also help ensure that you get maximum results when using makeup products.

2. Treat yourself to a facial or microdermabrasion session!

The cold winter air can be harsh on our skin and cause it to become dry and dull looking. A facial or microdermabrasion can help exfoliate dead skin cells, unclog pores, and leave you with glowing skin for the new season ahead! This treatment is also great way to reduce any dark spots or redness from winter weather damage.

3. Don’t forget about SPF!

Now that warmer weather has arrived, it’s important to start protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful rays by applying sunscreen every day before going outdoors. Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF30 protection for best results—this will ensure that you don’t end up with a nasty sunburn later on in the summer!

4. Stay hydrated

Dry winter air can zap moisture from our skin, leaving us feeling parched and tight-feeling all over our body—especially our face! To keep moisture levels optimal throughout springtime, make sure to drink plenty of water each day (at least 8 glasses) and use a hydrating moisturizer such as Rewind 10 or Crystal Clear Anti- Age Serum to really nourish and hydrate both morning and night after cleansing to seal in all that hydration goodness! Why not add couple drops of Crystal Clear Beach Glow tan drops to give your skin that lovely early summer glow.

5. Eat healthy

Eating lots of fruits & vegetables helps keep your body nourished while providing essential vitamins & minerals needed for healthy skin cell regeneration & growth—all necessary components for having beautiful looking skin all year round! Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring either; try spicing things up by experimenting with different recipes or adding herbs/spices like turmeric or ginger for added flavour & health benefits!

Spring cleaning isn’t just about organizing your space; it’s also about taking care of yourself and giving your body the TLC it deserves! Following these five tips will have you ready for summer in no time at all–so go ahead and give yourself some much needed pampering this season.

Happy spring cleaning, Love Sharon

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