DEWY SKIN IN A SPRITZ – An everyday essential.

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Crystal Clear’s Dermal Fusion instant hydration spritz is quickly becoming the most sought after travel accessory; being spotted in an increasing amount of influencers hand luggage online. The holy grail in skincare is and has always been to lock in moisture. Crystal Clear is a female founded brand by skin expert and enthusiast Sharon Hilditch who always encourages audiences to think “ hydration for damage limitation.”

All moisturisers are inevitably formulated to provide the skin with moisture, but Crystal Clear have been actively innovating formulas to produce a progressive product that not only offers all your moisturising needs but it provides intense hydration through utilising the scientifically proven PhytoCellTec™. The dermal fusion spritz will help repair the skin and fight ageing at its root while the powerful blend of stabilised Vit C targets uneven skin tone and creates flawless dewy fresh skin.

Simply apply a quick spritz at the airport to stop your skin dehydrating on your travels or use the product to indulge in self care and use the treatment to repair and hydrate after a lazy day in the sun. Our instant skin fix is an absolute must if you need that powerful hit of hydration to repair and revitalise the skin. The spritz is stylish and practical, designed so that one spray will offer full coverage and refresh the entire face leaving you with an enviable glow.

—– Sharon’s points —-

Pro Tip – My must have product wherever I am, a quick hydration hit throughout the day to my absolute go-to during a flight and on holiday. All this in one clever handbag size hydration spritz. Dermal Fusion is also a treatment-based product and the clinical data from Photocell -tec is certainly impressive with its ability to fight the signs of ageing while smoothing and softening lines and wrinkles etc.

Clinical data – The data is impressive. From an instant hydration hit for a dewy fresh glow. To a treatment regime to be incorporated into your existing skincare regime. Simply spritz onto a cleansed skin each evening and allow this clever formula to do its magic while you sleep.

Clinical data In a study performed with 21 women aged from 39 to 61 years (mean age: 49.2 years), PhytoCellTec™ Argan was shown to improve the density of the dermis. Volunteers applied a 0.4 % PhytoCellTec™ Argan emulsion and a corresponding placebo on the inner side of their forearms twice daily for 56 days. Changes in SLEB were monitored by analysing the ultrasonographic images.

Results clearly showed that PhytoCellTec™ Argan stimulates the regenerative capacity of the upper dermis tissue compared to the placebo. The SLEB is reduced due to an improved dermal tissue density by 5.5 % after 28 days of treatment and by 12.7 % after 56 days of treatment.

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