Should We Pop Our Spots?

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Zits, Acne, Blemishes, Pimples, Blackheads, Goopers, Whiteheads….universally known as SPOTS!

It’s tempting, so very tempting – I think we can all agree that Zits are problematic and if left untreated, can spread to become a larger problem that can feel unmanageable…

So we’ve spoken with our CEO & Founder, Sharon Hilditch, MBE and got her top tips for the prevention and cure of these uninvited friends that make no make-up days feel impossible!

Firstly, Sharon said, “..When it comes to pimple popping, don’t do it at home, it can lead to infection, spread of further pimples, leave you with scarring and also inflame the area making them look worse – go to your local Crystal Clear Clinic and if you’re not contraindicated, book a Microdermabrasion ASAP.”  Sharon developed the now popular staple treatment Microdermabrasion 25 years ago before it was known in the UK, and since that landmark moment, Sharon has treated thousands of skin concerns including acne, pigmentation and scarring amongst others, and has led the market on these skin solutions for a number of years.

To prevent the spread at home, Sharon says to ‘apply a clinically proven targeted spot patch using ‘10 Minute Glow’ over the pimple(s); ‘10 Minute Glow’ is rich in Ammonium Lactate which has anti-bacterial properties (preventing the spread of Pimples!).  Our ‘10 Minute Glow’ is clinically proven to reduce the bacteria associated with spots and acne within 1hr of use! It’s also loaded with powerful Almond Glycerides which are super skin conditioning agents that put the nourishment back into the skin that skin inflammation can hinder!  Sharon’s top tip with 10 Minute Glow is to apply the patch before going to sleep and remove when you wake up to keep the pimple super clean.

Lastly, apply a Super Serum to your skin; we looked at our best-selling ‘Blemish Defence Infusion’ which is perfect when needing a powerful blend of actives to help tackle acne-prone skin. This powerful spray contains soothing Pro-Vitamin B5 and Phycosaccharide AC-AC (a special algal oligosaccharide that decreases sebum production and inhibits the bacteria that is responsible for acne-linked infection).  ‘Blemish Defence Infusion’ also contains Salicylic Acid at clinical levels; derived from plants such as Sweet Birch and Willow Bark and referred to as Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), it is a multifunctional ingredient that addresses many of the systemic causes of blemishes.  For decades, dermatologists have been prescribing salicylic acid as an exceedingly effective keratolytic (exfoliant), but it is also an anti-irritant; this is because salicylic acid is a derivative of aspirin, so it functions as an anti-inflammatory and works to unclog pores and exfoliate, making it highly effective for reducing blemishes, blackheads and whiteheads.

In summary, as awfully tempting as it is – you’ve been warned…….. Don’t pop your spots!

Try Sharon’s advice instead and let us know how you get on!

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