How to deal with CoronaVirus anxiety

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If the headline to this blog post caught your eye, you are probably feeling the uncertainty most of us are experiencing right now surrounding Covid-19. 
For someone like me who suffers with day to day anxiety, dealing with change, restrictions and the unknown can be a pretty worrying time. However, there are ways of dealing with this and making life during this pandemic a little calmer. 
I have been preparing for what I’d do in case of self isolation. Speaking to friends and colleagues it seems some are panicked about staring at 4 walls for 7 days. Which hopefully will not be the case for the majority of us. Instead make this a time to do the things we should do and want to do, but never get the time to do it! 

Binge watch a new series or download an E-book 
I can never seem to get past 2 episodes of a new series recently, I’m falling asleep from exhaustion or spending my time prioritising other commitments. I had started watching Love Is Blind, a dating programme with a twist!  So I’m pretty excited to finish that… 
If you don’t fancy popping to your local bookstore, e books are so easy to download to a phone, iPad or tablet. A good book is a lot better for the mind then reading endless news articles all fighting for the best headline. 

Colouring books and jigsaws 
My mum bought me a colouring book last week, I laughed at first but then I remembered she used to buy these for me years ago when I  had a lot on my mind. I would sit and colour them in for hours! 
One of my best friends is also obsessed with jigsaws to relieve anxiety. They pass the time and are a great distraction from every day stresses! I’m yet to try this so it’s one for my list. 

Starting with Self Care
Self care is super important, unfortunately due to busy lifestyles and work commitments, we never look after ourselves as much as we should. Now should be the time to nourish ourselves and take a breather…
Want to try out that face mask or skin tool you have been eyeing up all year? Now is the time! 

I’ve hauled in some of my favourite skincare products to give my skin the nourishment it most desperately needs: 

Soothing Cleansing Gel – I have used this cleanser for about 5 years. It’s the perfect product for everyone!
Oxygen Face Polish – this product was used on me last week during a facial and I absolutely loved the feel of it on my skin, sometimes exfoliators can feel scratchy and irritating but this glided on my skin perfectly and gave me the right amount of exfoliation I needed. 
Illuminate Moisturiser – THIS PRODUCT IS MY LIFE. It’s my favourite moisturiser and always super exciting getting a new full bottle. 
Redness Erase #SuperBooster – this is essential for me as my skin can be super sensitive, I don’t use this product as much as I should so I’m going to make it a priority to see if I can tackle my redness once and for all!  
10 Minute Glow – I always go through phases of using and not using this mask, but as soon as I use it I don’t know why I ever stopped! 10 minutes and your skin is like a glowing beam of light.

Sofa to Sit Up’s… 
Worried about not getting work outs done with gym closures? There are so many fitness apps and online programmes to download to do from home! 
I actually prefer working out from home. It’s a lot easier than driving to a gym, doing your work out then getting back in the car and coming home. I know some of us can often feel overwhelmed walking into a gym full of people so it’s a great time to get these done and build your confidence. 

The Food Shop 
Doing a supermarket haul? If you are panicking about fresh foods staying in date and worried about living off tinned beans or sticking to your diet, here are some ideas to still get your health kick…

  • Breakfast Fruit Smoothies – Most supermarkets have frozen fruit in their freezer drawers. These are perfect to pop straight in the blender and I actually prefer these to fresh fruits as they make the smoothie colder, without having to add in ice cubes! I’d also recommend a shelf life milk, like coconut, soya or almond. Again these are often a healthier alternative to a full fat dairy so it’s a win win! 
  • Vegan & Veggie Triumphs – Have you ever discovered the vegan/veggie aisle whilst doing the weekly shop? I first tried Quorn products a while ago and was surprisingly obsessed with the taste of them, often calorie friendly and full of goodness, these are again perfect additions to have in the freezer a long with some mixed vegetables and rice to pair up with. 
  • Soups & Broths – Soups are the perfect cup of goodness should you happen to be feeling under the weather. Often fresh soups still last a good few weeks, so check out these as well as the tinned ones! Or even better, make some soups from scratch and freeze them for a later date. 

Creating a relaxing environment for yourself 
For me the idea of relaxing is a nice warm bath and some fresh bedding. If I’ve had a stressful day I always rely on a new pair of pyjamas and some nice fluffy bedding to pick me up. (Currently have some nice new pjs on order) 
I’ve also picked up some Aromatherapy Candles to not only fill my home with those spa scents, but to feel the benefits of the blends such as Geranium and Petitgrain which helps to centre your mind and relax your body; offering a therapeutic lift with every breath you take.

Last but not least. TALK to your friends, colleagues, family members about any worries you may have. Try and reduce news time and make yourself and loved ones a priority at this difficult time. 

Lots of love, Elle x

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