Skincare Through The Ages

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20 plus years

At 20 years of age, the skin is youthful and in full bloom. Puberty has ended and hormones have regulated, leaving behind any troublesome spots and pimples. The skin is toned and has a radiant glow. However, this is not the time to be complacent, as skin cell renewal slows down by around 28 per cent in your 20s, meaning that skin cells are not shed as fast and resulting in duller looking skin. This is the time to start protecting the skin especially from excessive exposure to sunlight as the damaging UVA rays start to damage collagen and elastin fibres. It’s important to remember that around 80% of ageing at this age can be directly associated with sun exposure – including excessive use of sunbeds.

It’s vital to use products daily that contain SPF factor. Fortunately, lots of make-up formulas now contain SPF Factor so it’s never been easier to protect. This is also a good time to use natural brightening agents on the skin and exfoliate each week to keep your skin in tip top condition. Skincare has come a long way and I always formulate products to take in lots of different concerns, creating products that can hydrate, treat and brighten all whilst protecting you with SPF – a sure way to keep the skin looking even, toned and looking its best.

If you’re unsure where to start, then follow my 4-step guide on how to keep that wonderful glow of youth for as long as you can.

Step1: Still using the same cleanser from your teens? Maybe you need to rethink the game plan as your skin will probably not need to deal with excess oil and outbreaks that you may have experienced during the acne-prone years. Your skin will now benefit from cleansers that can offer moisture lock-in and a more gentle cleanse. Crystal Clear soothing cleansing gel is the perfect choice as its vitamin and mineral based actives offer the skin a super but gentle cleanse.

Step 2: Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate. As the leaders in clinical microdermabrasion skin resurfacing, you can appreciate why I feel that exfoliation is critical.

Weekly exfoliation will remove the dead skin cells that can build up on the skin’s surface making skin look dull – as well as helping to unclog pores to prevent breakouts. I always use the analogy of burnt toast; if you try and butter burnt toast, the butter stays on the surface whereby a lightly toasted piece allows the butter to penetrate. This is the same for your skin. Dead skin cells will slow down the impact of any moisturisers as they simply sit on the top. Try our oxygen face polish, complete with its gentle oxygen enriched formula providing a thorough exfoliation while simultaneously nourishing the skin.

Step 3: Brighten, Hydrate and Protect all in one go with our Crystal Clear clinically proven Brightening complex. All you need to treat a vast array of skin concerns, also acting as a preventative measure. The active ingredients offer each and every skin concern something of benefit. From soothing sensitive skin suffering with outbreaks, to helping keep skin unevenness at bay while hydrating and repairing and most importantly offering vital protection with an SPF. It’s no surprise that Brightening Complex is one of our best-selling professional products as it offers so much all in one product.

Looking after your skin in your 30 plus years 



At this age, cell renewal has slowed down and environmental damage from sun exposure starts to show – causing collagen to break down and skin starting to lose the bounce of youth. You may also experience fine lines and wrinkles becoming more evident and skin tone becoming dull, often with hyper pigmentation or dark patches that take on the look of skin discoloration. You’ll notice that the skin is not as firm and often fine lines around the eyes appear,  with the skin of the upper eye becoming lax giving a tired look to the face. It’s at this age you really should be using eye care products. It’s important to remember it’s not just what you put on your skin, but also what you feed the skin. It’s vital to make sure your diet contains foods that give you vitamins A, B, and C as these vitamins counteract free radical damage. These diet changes can help repair damage. Maintaining well hydrated skin tissue by drinking plenty of water each day is pivotal to retaining moisture in your skin. In addition, you should ensure that you get enough quality sleep each night.

It’s important to exfoliate the skin on a regular basis, using products that contain SPF protection and moisturisers containing peptides and other ingredients that stimulate the skin. The most important peptides used in skincare products are Matrrixyl, which stimulates development within the dermal layer. It is designed to trigger a heal repair response which in turn stimulates the development of collagen.

Ingredients to look out for:

A new formula to the market, Matrixyl 3000 takes the concept further by combining tripeptide and tetrapeptide for an even stronger anti-ageing and repairing effect

Polypeptide – another interesting ingredient included in the anti-ageing range is a small peptide that mimics a polypeptide found in the venom of a temple viper snake. Clinical trials have shown the peptide can reduce expression lines and wrinkles by inhibiting muscle contractions.

Precious stones used in skin care also can help increase micro-stimulation, revive skin radiance and promote a healthy glow to the skin.



I always use the analogy of burnt toast to explain the importance of exfoliation. As we age, skin cell turnover decreases and slows. This results in compacted dead cells that sit on the surface of the skin, making it look dull and lacklustre. Think of burnt toast – the butter simply sits on the surface whereas when freshly toasted, the butter absorbs and penetrates. This is the same for your skin. Compact dead cells stop active ingredients in your moisturisers from penetrating properly.


Think about how your skin looks when you come in after a long walk in the cold. Invigorated, awake and with a youthful hue. This is because the microcirculation has been in overdrive. You can get the same effect but from vibrational skin tools, such as our microdermabrasion brush or our lifting wand, as both utilise vibrations that stimulate the microcirculation, waking the skin up and feeling immediately fresh.


So, you have exfoliated to help rid the compacted dead skin cells and have increased the micro circulation with your vibration. Now to get the skin loaded with moisture. Once exfoliated, you will instantly notice how your moisturiser simply soaks in.

Try our microdermabrasion in a bag, containing your cleanser, exfoliator, and skin repair moisturiser along with our clever sonic microdermabrasion brush. A sure way to stimulate the skin whilst simultaneously cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating.


The biggest cause of skin ageing and pigmentation is caused by sun exposure and while you may think “oh, I will be fine”, you’ll be glad you protected yourself when you get older as you will have helped prevent the acceleration of ageing, keeping your skin even, toned and youthful.

Try our protect & repair with added anti-ageing benefits. It provides perfect protection, whilst also acting as a daytime moisturiser – doubling as a fab makeup primer.

My products of choice

Crystal clear Power Ball Eye Serum 

Pure hyaluronic acid hydrates and protects, all the while reducing the appearance of lines, wrinkles and eye bags. The cooling quartz roller ball is to be simply swished under the eye to visibly hydrate and cool.

View Crystal Clear Power Ball Eye Serum.

Sonic Microdermabrasion in a bag.

Want it all in one place? Then invest in our Microdermabrasion in a bag. Your sonic exfoliating tool that you cleanse, exfoliate, and apply your moisturiser with. Ensuring skin stimulation at every stage.

Our sonic microdermabrasion in a bag contains everything you need to exfoliate and hydrate your skin. A sure way to keep your skin looking radiant, smooth and glowing. Applying all products with your sonic brush will keep your skin stimulated by increasing the microcirculation.  Skin will look fresh and awake at every step of your routine.

View Sonic Microdermabrasion Kit.

Our kit contains:

Vitamin packed soap-free cleanser

Oxygen based exfoliator

Skin Repair Moisturiser – Clinically proven, this beautiful lightweight moisturiser offers each and every skin type something of benefit.

Protect & Repair, SPF 40 UVA 20 – An absolute must-have. Our mineral sunscreen offers SPF 40 UVA 20 and provides perfect lightweight protection, without clogging the pores. Don’t leave home without a quick application.

Illuminate Daily Radiance Moisturiser

I absolutely love this product! If you are in instant need of immediate luminosity as well as hydration, then look no further. Containing LUMISKIN which is clinically proven to create a clear, fresh skin tone and also help tackle pigmentation, as well as Matrixyl hailed as the anti-ageing hero. Also acting as a perfect makeup primer, this moisturiser offers it all.

View Illuminate.

Dermal Fusion

For that added hydration hit throughout the day. The perfect treatment product which can be spritzed onto cleansed skin before bed, repairing and rejuvenating while you sleep.

Please feel free to drop me a message if you would like a personal skin prescription.

View Dermal Fusion.

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