The Damage Pollution is causing our Skin is REAL…

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We’ve long understood the importance of protecting our skin from the damaging ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun by using products with SPF, but there’s another enemy in our midst: pollution.

Toxic air from exhaust fumes, industrial emissions and cigarette smoke are just some of the environmental aggressors that surround us daily. Now you can add to that exposure to blue light, also known as high energy visible (HEV)  light, given off from electronic devices such as computer screens, laptops and phones which causes free radical damage, as UV light does, but penetrates the skin more deeply than either UVA or UVB wavelengths.

Dull, sensitised skin, pigmentation, blocked pores, acne and premature skin ageing are all pollution-related skin concerns causing havoc on our complexions. The good news is, there’s a whole host of ways to help protect your skin, from regular cleansing to sweep away toxins, to products that guard against blue light and microscopic airborne pollutants.

So, with nowhere to hide from pollution, just how do you go about choosing the right skincare to minimise damage?

Create a barrier. Before stepping outside, you can create a protective force field and apply a serum or moisturiser rich in topical anti-oxidants at high levels to maximise protection. Personally, I am diligent about applying our new #Superbooster Pollution Defence every day. It’s a booster serum designed to be mixed with your regular moisturiser (or it can be used neat for a more intensive treatment) and includes CITYGUARD+, an anti-pollution, anti-ageing complex. I also added algae-derived Phyco AP, which works like an invisible mask and is proven to protect skin from pollution and the harmful effects of HEV light while boosting skin with powerful skin repairing actives plus a hefty dose of anti-oxidant vitamin C.

Clean it off. At night, never ever skip washing you face before bed. A really thorough cleanse will help get rid of all traces of make-up and toxins that have accumulated during the day. Follow up with exfoliation and a facial mask a few times a week too. Our award winning 10 Minute Glow mask is so quick and easy to use and makes a visible difference.

Protect. The final step, as ever, is sunscreen. Even if you’re not going outside, with the additional threat of blue light from our digital devices, it’s even more important to make sure you apply sunscreen religiously. Wear it 365 days of the year. The one beauty item I am never without is our Protect & Repair; containing everything you need to protect your skin from indoor and outdoor environments, it includes highly efficient sunscreens and offers both UVA 20 & UVB 40 SPF protection as well as making an ideal base for make-up.

Sunscreen, anti-oxidants, and a proper cleanse can make all the difference.

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