This Anti-Ageing Polish will give you a CRAZY glow up!

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Glowing skin is always in! If your skin’s looking a bit on the dull side, the good news is there is a really simple way to get it looking radiant again. 

The answer all comes down to the right skin prep. A common cause of a dull complexion is when there is a build up of dead skin cells on the skin’s surface. In younger skin these dead skin cells will all fall away naturally but as we age, and I’m talking from your 20’s, the rate skin sheds slows down. Consequently, dead skin cells pile up causing blocked pores and making skin look dull and tired. 

Don’t let dead skin cells pile up! Exfoliation gives skin a helping hand, buffing away any build up, clearing out blocked pores and allowing fresher, radiant skin to emerge. 

In removing the top layer of dead cells you’ll find your skincare products work better too as they are able to properly penetrate the skin, rather than simply sitting on the surface. Think of burnt toast – the butter sits on the top, whereby a nicely lightly toasted piece allows the butter to penetrate through. You can apply the same principal for the skin. 

And once skin is smooth you’ll find your make up goes on a lot better which is never going to happen if the surface of your skin is rough and clogged.

Our Crystal Clear Crystal Face & Body Polish is the perfect scrub. I promise you your skin will be glowier, smoother and brighter even after one use.

It’s packed with natural sea salt and acacia honey along with resurfacing ruby crystals which are perfectly round in shape, so there are no jagged sharp edges that can scratch or irritate the skin. Orange peel oil provides clarity, radiance and smoothness; antioxidant sunflower seed oil, rich in vitamins A and E, provides hydration and grapefruit oil is included for its cleansing, detoxing and skin conditioning properties.

And I’ve also included wrinkle-fighting Matrixyl 3000. Ideal for anyone looking for anti-ageing benefits too.

Glowing skin sorted!

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